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Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph- (nonprofessional)
1941 Chicago Tribune- First Place (nonprofessional)
1946 Chicago Tribune- Semi-finalist

First Place in the 1941, "2nd annual American Fashions Competition" sponsored by the Chicago Tribune.
In a fashion show of the 15 semi-finalists, Jeanne's design won first place, a $500.00 cash award. (Jeanne Sanford, then was considered a free-lance designer.) The show took place on Sept. 27th, 1941 at Chicago's W-G-N radio studio theater in front of 600 invited retailers, woman's apparel manufacturers, as well as many prominent in Chicago's civic and social life. This audience chose, by overwhelming ballot: Jeanne's daytime dress of soft brown wool with a small open square on the right shoulder, highlighted by a gold clip. A wrap-around effect was achieved by diagonal seaming. A large tam hat of russet colored felt matched the cuffed gloves and a tiny barrel muff of baum marten worn with the costume. (For more on this event, see the Working section.) The Chicago Chapter of the American Gem Society loaned $75,000.00 worth of jewels to be worn with the gowns in the show. The program was broadcast live, coast-to-coast, on the Mutual Network and was part of the Chicagoland Hour radio feature.

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