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1951 Mademoiselle Fashion Award
1955 Coty International Fashion Critics Award
1958 Sports Illustrated Designer of the Year Award (also 4-time nominee)
Schiffli Lace and Embroidery Institute award-won twice

1951 Mademoiselle's Merit Award in Fashion
Mademoiselle's citation declared that Jeanne Campbell designer of Loomtogs "has proved by her own ingenuity that high fashion and low prices can be synonymous." Concluding that "with her inventive denims (June Mlle), her combination of fabrics like organdy and jersey, her far-ahead use of tapered pants, really full skirts and 'glamour separates', she has endeared herself to all devotees of young, easy casualness."

1955- The 13th annual Coty American Fashion Critics' Awards
The award trophy, known as "Winnie"--the fashion world's most coveted honor, was bestowed for outstanding contributions to the field of American design--from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The appropriate ceremony, held annually, took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art before a representative audience invited by the sponsor. They praised Jeanne's, "development of fabrics particularly suited to the young, smart life, her related collections, her excellent cut and color sense for making clothes that reflect the best American tendencies in the inexpensive sportswear market." The CAFCA "Winnie" was designed by Malvina Hoffman. Also winning the award in 1955 was Herbert Kasper, Anne Klein, and Adolfo Sardinas (won a special award).

1958- Sports Illustrated's "American Sportswear Design Awards" was held at the St. Regis Hotel, NYC. This "Designer of the Year Award", presented May 28th, 1958, was dedicated "To the women's sportswear designer who, during the past year, has made the most significant contribution to American sportswear through a specific collection, idea, or innovation." (Jeanne was nominated 4 times for this award. In 1956, she was nominated for "Creative Promise", by Sports Illustrated. Claire McCardell won that year.)

1958- Schiffli Lace and Embroidery Institute award. Jeanne won this award two times.

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