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Tattoo printJeanne was able to experiment at Sportwhirl with colors and materials. Successful items were sometimes repeated, at the urging of the buyers, simply by changing the weight of the fabrics and the hues. Due to the smaller line of winter resort clothes, Jeanne was often able to use that as a testing ground for the next summer's line.
Jeanne also liked to design her own fabrics, but was limited due to expense. Her custom woven patterns in wool were more possible because the mill would let her purchase a small minimum (of approx.60 yards). Small runs of custom designed, screened cotton prints were tested on resort clothes. If the prints proved successful, then the summer line would have a large quantity (3-9,000 yds. min.) of cotton printed at less expense (per yard) on larger roller machines. By 1954, just three short years after Jeanne joined Sportwhirl, the business had doubled due to Jeanne's great ideas and successful fashions. Her experiments paid off!

Around 1971 Jeanne designed this summery red, white, and blue cotton print. She created the illustrations herself, inspired by nautical tattoos.

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