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Describing the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Jeanne made it sound like a fashion wonderland, she said,
"It has a whole room devoted to current and back issues of fashion periodicals. And of course it has those long racks and those dozens of trunks full of clothes from every time and every country. Everything there is arranged for the designer's convenience. There are private rooms, each equipped with a drawing board. There are dummies available--if you want to drape--and sewing machines. Why, you could make a whole collection right there at the Museum if you wanted to."

Today the Museum still has an extensive costume and textile collection, but they no longer work with designers like they used to--that function was transferred to Fashion Institute of Technology in 1975, along with some of the study collections.
For more info. on FIT, visit- .

The BMA Libraries and Archives still have significant research collections in this area, including a large collection of fashion sketches, many periodicals, photographs of Design Lab classes and programs, and the records of Curator, Stewart Culin. For more info. visit the BMA-

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